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Hey Dentist, Why Should I Get My Missing Premolar Replaced?

December 16, 2017

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thinking womanAre you missing one of your premolars (the teeth between your pointy canines and your molars)? Do other people know that you’re short one or two pearly whites? If it’s not obvious when you smile that you don’t have a full set of chompers, you might reason that you don’t need to get the missing ones replaced. After all, your appearance isn’t suffering, and you have enough teeth left to enjoy all of your favorite snacks. But replacing missing teeth is important, regardless of where in your mouth the gaps are. Your dentist explains why.


What is Orofacial Pain?

November 26, 2017

woman holding her face in painOrofacial pain is a phrase used to describe any discomfort in the face, mouth, head, or neck. Dentists and medical professionals offer numerous treatments for chronic orofacial pain, but much of this treatment is not necessarily an effective cure. Instead, most of the treatments currently available focus on relieving the symptoms through regular preventive dental treatments that don’t necessarily fix the underlying causes of the orofacial pain and discomfort. Lucky for patients who suffer from orofacial pain, there are many new methods for treating these conditions, and there may be an innovative new treatment method on the horizon.

5 Tips for Bright Smiles This Holiday Season

November 4, 2017

holiday cookiesWe all want to look our best for all the family, friends, and office holiday events as 2017 draws to a close. One of the many things patients worry about during the holidays is their smile. If you’re looking to brighten your smile or keep your teeth healthy while still feeding your holiday palate, a trip to the dentist may be in order. Keep reading to hear some tips from a skilled dentist about keeping your smile healthy this holiday season.

The Fascinating Story Behind Dental Implants

October 28, 2017

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illustration of dental implantsYou probably know about dental implants as a popular option in tooth replacement — and maybe you even have some yourself. They are by far the most successful way to replace one or more teeth, as they give you back the entire missing tooth structure. Pretty smart, right? Actually, it’s something humans have been doing for literally hundreds of years. Keep reading to learn more about the fascinating history behind dental implants — we know you’ll be glad you did!


Your Cosmetic Dentist Recommends Porcelain Crowns

October 20, 2017

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couple posing on the beachHaving a damaged tooth in the front of your mouth can be stressful. You’re worried about how your smile looks — and you need a treatment that preserves its beauty while renewing your oral health. Your cosmetic dentist can help. Porcelain crowns are tooth-shaped restorations made out of a natural-looking material — and they’re a wonderful investment in your lasting, beautiful smile. Keep reading to learn more about dental crowns, when a porcelain crown is right, and what the process is like.


What You Need to Know About Locator® Implant Overdentures

September 16, 2017

Model of a locator implant denture attachmentIn the Victorian era, wealthy couples often received a set of dentures as a wedding gift. If they were very lucky, they might receive two sets. These dentures were by no means customized, and in most cases, they were barely functional. Today, dentists repair smiles following advanced tooth loss a little differently. The technologies, materials, and placement methods continue to change each year, improving the results of denture restoration and recreating flawless smiles. Specifically, patients now have the option to anchor dentures to dental implants, creating significantly improved chewing function and a more natural appearance. However, not all patients have been able to receive implant supported dentures for a variety of reasons including gum tissue volume, jawbone density, and health concerns. That’s where the innovative Locator® implant overdenture can help.

Your Local Dentist Can Help You Restore Your Healthy Bite!

September 6, 2017

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dental checkup dentist Are you one of almost 30% of Americans who suffer from a shifted, crooked bite? Most dentists identify this bad bite as malocclusion. It can cause pain, visible wear on the teeth, or even tooth sensitivity. Even worse, malocclusion can lead to worse problems down the road if left untreated.

Your dentist is here to explain malocclusion to our patients and help you fix the issue as needed.


Happy Pet Dental Health Month!

August 30, 2017

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Woman and dog smiling during pet dental health month One of the most commonly diagnosed illnesses by vets is oral disease. In recent years, dentistry for people has transitioned to preventive rather than reactionary care. For Pet dental health month, we encourage our patients to begin transitioning their four legged family members to preventive dentistry as well.


Back to School Tips from Your Family Dentist

August 25, 2017

family brushing teeth together As the summer draws to an end and you get ready to send your little ones back to the classroom, pay a visit to your family dentist to ensure you send your kids back to school with healthy, happy smiles. We know the back to school preparation checklist gets long, but keeping your child smiling should be a priority.

Back to School Dental Checkups

Stop by our office for a back to school dental checkup. During this appointment, we’ll get your child’s smile ready to face another school year. With a thorough examination and teeth cleaning, our team will ensure your kid’s smile is completely healthy. We can also fit your child athlete for a custom sportsguard.

Is Falls Church Dental Crown Placement Painful?

August 18, 2017

woman looking at her smile after dental crown placement At Tysons Dental Esthetics, we offer comfortable dental crown placement. Using the highest quality procedures and effective local anesthetics, we are able to repair dental damage and restore patients’ smiles to full, flawless function. The dental crown process is completed over the course of two to three appointments in our office. It all starts with a consultation with one of our skilled dentists. We’ll walk you through all of your dental restoration options and help you choose the right treatment. Our caring team will make you feel right at home in our office and work hard to ensure your complete comfort throughout your time with us. In some cases, we may be able to begin your preparation process on the same day as your consultation. If we don’t have time on the same day, we’ll schedule a follow-up to begin your treatment.

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