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“What do their patients have to say about them?” Below, you can find the answer to that question with our online reviews. As you’ll see, pretty much everyone who comes to see us couldn’t be happier with their care and service! Read as many as you like, and then be sure to contact us for an appointment so we can show you how we earned all those kind words and stars firsthand!

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Letters from Our Patients


there are few organizations of any kind that strike the perfect balance between outstanding technology, exceptional customer service, absolute professionalism, and the warmth of firm hug. Tyson's Dental Esthetic's meets each of these marks with ease, and its the ease of the place that makes it such a wonderful place be. notice i didn't say place to go, its a wonderful place to be. I sensed there was something unique about the place when i noticed the clientele...a mix of young and old, and everything else in between. the technology allows them to do most work in house, the people are caring and personable, the operations are state of the art, and the doctor's the most approachable i've seen in the area.

Andrew Johnson

To start I am very sensitive to see any Dentist. Not great experience in the past with other dentist and so I tend to take it to the top of a worry wart. When I first walk everyone at the front desk was very very nice and they all tried to make me feel better and they said it will be okay. I say I heard this before, Well they were correct . Dr Sanae Berrada and her assistant treated me very well and I did not feel any pain at all. Dr Berrada understand my concerns and listen to me and I felt completely calm. My whole family will be coming to this practice.

James Prossner

An exceptional experience. All of the staff were welcoming and friendly. The practice is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. I've had a number of crowns placed but never so quickly or painlessly; never have I had the permanent crown in place THE SAME DAY. What a pleasant surprise to skip the temporary crown and the wait for the new crown to arrive. Also, it fit perfectly immediately without the usual "trial and error". Dr. Berrada is completely professional while being friendly and empathetic.

Leo Eldredge

Very good experience. Niloufar explained what she was doing during the process and how the tools worked to make me feel comfortable. She also made the effort to educate me on proper tooth care and how I need to change my technique. Based on the confidence I have In her, I purchased a electric toothbrush and got the fluoride gel treatment.


Not only is Dr. Berrada an excellent dentist, she is kind, and so is her staff assistant, who is aptly-named Grace. Kindness is a rare quality in trying times, and I value it most sincerely.

Aram Zaldivar Rodriguez

First time I came to Dr. Berrada's place, I was afraid because many reviews for past practice in the same place were not so good. Now I'm patient of Dr. Berrada for more than two years, and I think she is exceptional. The clinic is very clean, and the state of art of her instruments are on the top for the industry. The staff is very friendly and professional.

Ivan Quinn

Dr. Berrada is, by far, the most qualified, caring, detail oriented dentist that I have ever seen. I have been a patient for 5 years at her practice and have seen her for the past 3. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have her performing my dental procedures. She is very concerned with your level of comfort, the overall service being delivered and the finished product. I am very satisfied with her and the TDE staff.

Enyi Agbara

The staff is very friendly, they make you feel like a family. Dr. Seigel and Dr. Berrada are awesome very confident in what they do. I will not hesitate to recommend my friends and families to them.

Jamie Morton

I think the only person who has seen me cry more than Dr. Berrada is my mother. I had a very sensitive tooth that was creating a lot of pain--so much that it woke me up at night! TDE was able to get me in for an emergency appointment that same afternoon. Dr. Berrada fit me in for an emergency root canal. She and her staff were gentle and compassionate, and did their best to make me comfortable through a painful procedure. I've never had a better dentist, and I highly recommend TDE.

Michael Cunningham

My experience at Tysons Dental Esthetics was exceptional. The work was excellent and painless, and I didn't waste time sitting in a chair twiddling my thumbs. Everyone at the office was very friendly and professional. I was really impressed with Dr. Berrada. The scheduling staff accidentally neglected to include a portion of my appointment (I went for a cleaning and a filling). I wouldn't have even known there was a problem if I hadn't overheard her working with her staff to shuffle a meeting (perhaps her lunch?). I offered to come back a different day, but she wanted to make sure I was taken care of that day. Overall, a top-notch experience and a great dentist.

Courtney Petersen

I found my experience with Tysons Dental Esthetics to be very satisfying. Dr. Berrada is both knowledgeable and personable.She took time to answer my questions and complete all my procedures in a timely manner and with the best possible results. Both the doctor and the staff made me feel comfortable and cared for as an individual, which is something I highly value. They made me feel that they had my best interests in mind and wanted me to have the best possible experience, with lasting results, and the knowledge to continue to improve my dental health. I am very happy I found this team.

Kristin Wajert

I am always pleased when I come in to see pleasant smiles and greetings. On my last few visits I had to bring my baby and it was never treated as a bother, in fact they offered to help walk her if she cried. The dentist is never a fun place but I am able to enjoy it just a bit.

Greg Griswold

Friendly and caring. They took the time to explain what they were doing and answered all my questions, even in mid-procedure. A couple of times when I felt a twinge of discomfort, they stopped immediately and gave me more Novocain. It was nice to get my crown in just one visit, and it feels pretty natural. They did well.

Alexander Ives

My dental hygienist was highly effective, and very sensitive to my anxiety about visiting the dentist. She explained what she was doing quite clearly, and paused when I needed a break. Dr. Berrada is clearly at the top of her field, and her "bedside manner" was excellent. I feel confident putting myself in her care.

Maryuri Burbano

It was my first time visiting Tysons Dental Esthetics. I was very happy with my visit. Everyone was very nice and friendly, always smiling. Made me feel very comfortable. The nurses and the Doctor wer very knowledgeable and explained everything to me very professionally. I am definitely coming back here from now on.

Jamie Morton

We had a hard time getting my mouth numb enough to do the work, but Dr. Berrada was willing to keep waiting until the novocaine kicked in. When it became clear that the process was going to be painful anyway, Dr. Berrada found ways to reduce the pain as much as possible. I won't say the process was enjoyable, but I do have a lot of respect for how well Dr. Berrada was able to handle my special needs. The in-office crown milling procedure was really convenient, as well. I highly recommend Tysons Dental Esthetics.

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