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Restorative Dentistry – Falls Church, VA

Repairing Damaged Teeth for Flawless, Healthy Smiles

If you need restorative care, Dr. Berrada of Tysons Dental Esthetics can help. With personalized restorative care, we can treat cavities, replace one or more missing teeth, and relieve any dental pain. Prior to beginning your treatment, our team will complete a thorough oral health assessment to determine your needs. We’ll also talk to you about the kinds of results you hope to achieve. Then, once we have all the information we need, we can assemble a treatment plan. If you have any questions about the plan we recommend, we would be happy to answer them. To schedule a visit for restorative dentistry in Falls Church, VA, simply contact us today.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crown and bridge on table

A crown can restore integrity to a damaged or decayed tooth. And, with our dental office’s CEREC machine, we can provide custom-made results in just a single appointment. Learn more by visiting our page for one-visit crowns.

A dental bridge uses a custom-made prosthetic tooth, plus one or two supporting crowns, to help patients replace a single missing tooth. Once in place, your restorative piece will literally bridge the gap in your smile.

Learn More About Crowns & Bridges

CEREC® 1-Visit Dental Crowns

Assistant using CEREC milling unit

Over time, it’s possible for teeth to become weak and damaged. Sometimes this is because of decay, and in other cases, it may be the result of a crack, chip, or some other injury. Thankfully, there’s a way to restore your vulnerable tooth.

With a custom-made crown from Tysons Dental Esthetics, Dr. Berrada can help you restore your weakened tooth’s strength as well as its appearance. What’s more, they can do it in a single appointment thanks to CEREC.

Learn About CEREC® 1-Visit Crowns

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of tooth repaired with fillings

Fillings are the most common way dentists repair small cavities and slightly damaged teeth, and at our dental office, we only use composite-resin based fillings as opposed to traditional amalgam. Why? Firstly, this material can be specially colored to perfectly blend in with a tooth, making it practically invisible, and it also forms a much stronger bond with the enamel. This allows your dentist to preserve more of your tooth’s structure when placing a filling, giving you a tooth that not only looks great but will stand the test of time as well.

Full & Partial Dentures

Hand holding a full denture

A partial or full denture can help patients who are missing more than one tooth. A partial replaces a few missing teeth and is held in place by clips or brackets. A full denture, on the other hand, replaces an entire arch of teeth and is most often held in place by an over-the-counter denture adhesive. We can also provide implant-supported overdentures for patients who desire a more stable set of teeth that fit much better than a traditional removable prosthetic.

Learn More About Dentures & Partials

Root Canal Therapy

Smiling man in dental chair

Each tooth is actually composed of multiple layers, with the innermost one being called the dental pulp. It’s mostly made of various blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues, and it can often become infected if a tooth has extensive decay or has suffered a traumatic injury. Typically, this kind of infection brings on the mother of all toothaches, and in order to the save the tooth and relieve the pain, we can perform a root canal.

A root canal, despite being an often feared procedure, is actually one of the best tools we have to eliminate severe dental pain as well as save teeth that would otherwise need to be removed. Thanks to modern dental techniques, it’s now no more painful than getting a standard filling.

With this procedure, your dentist will gently remove the infected tissue, clean the tooth, seal it, and then restore it fully using a dental crown. When done properly, a tooth treated with a root canal can be expected to look and function just like normal for many years to come.

Learn More About Root Canals

Tooth Extractions

Man in dental exam chair

While our number one goal is to always help our patients preserve their natural teeth, sometimes the best course of treatment may involve removing one. This is often the case if:

  • A tooth is too damaged to be restored
  • Gum disease has damaged the bone supporting a tooth
  • A baby tooth won’t fall our naturally
  • Room needs to be created for orthodontic treatment/a denture

In any case, we handle all extractions with a gentle touch to ensure our patients are easily able to stay comfortable during the procedure.

Learn More About Dental Extractions

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

X-ray of wisdom teeth

The “wisdom teeth” are actually our third set of molars, and while they may have been useful for our cavemen ancestors, they tend to only cause problems for people now. Because the modern human mouth usually does not have enough room for these teeth, they often put pressure on the other teeth and even become stuck while trying to erupt, leading to pain and even an infection towards the back of the jaw. To prevent these problems from getting worse, we can safely remove these teeth in our dental office without the need of an outside specialist.

Learn More About Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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