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Oral Cancer Screening in Falls Church

Exactly what is a cancer screening? The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that a screening simply is an examination for cancer before any symptoms become evident. For many types of cancer, a screening can detect early cancer or pre-cancer when the disease is far easier to treat and that treatment is more likely to be effective. One such cancer is oral cancer. That’s why Dr. Berrada and Dr. Glickman make a point of conducting oral cancer screening in Falls Church when patients come in for their regularly scheduled dental checkups.

Oral Cancer by the Numbers

The numbers are a bit shocking:

  • 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer annually
  • Only 50 percent of those diagnosed will live five years beyond their diagnosis
  • 9,500 deaths each year are the result of oral cancer

Sadly, many of those deaths could have been prevented with an oral cancer screening.

Be Aware of the Signs

During your checkup, the dental hygienist and your Falls Church dentist will carefully check for signs that may be indicative of the early stage of oral cancer. These appointments, however, only happen twice a year. During the months in between, Drs. Berrada and Siegel need you to be on the lookout for anything unusual, too. If you do see something, then please call our office to schedule a visit sooner than your next checkup.

The signs and symptoms of oral cancer that everyone should be aware of include:

  • A sore anywhere in your mouth or on your lips that hasn’t healed in more than a couple of weeks
  • A spot in your soft tissue that has a lump or feels thicker
  • A smooth or scaly lesion that can be either red or white
  • A hoarse voice or a chronic sore throat
  • A spot in your mouth that is numb to the touch
  • An earache, but no infection
  • Ill-fitting dentures
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing or talking

Oral Cancer Screening Step-by-Step

During your oral cancer screening at Tyson Dental Esthetics, our trained staff will visually check your mouth, tongue, lips and cheeks for outward signs of anything that looks suspicious. We’ll be sure to look underneath your tongue, along the sides and at the back of your throat. Lastly, the Falls Church dentist will gently feel along your jaw and neck, checking for any swelling. If further investigation is necessary, our dentists can work with to make sure you receive the proper diagnosis.

An oral cancer screening can truly save a life. If you need to schedule a dental checkup with oral cancer screening, then contact Tyson Dental Esthetics.