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Dental Implant Placement – Falls Church, VA

Explore the Dental Implant Process

dental implant concept The dental implant process involves a number of stages, the first of which is surgical dental implant placement in Falls Chruch, VA. It is important that everything goes well during this phase of the tooth replacement journey because it will give your new smile the strong foundation it needs for last for many years to come. Let’s talk more about this remarkable procedure.

Planning and Preparation

looking at dental x-ray

After Dr. Berrada determines that you are a good candidate for dental implants, she will plan for your placement surgery. Using X-rays and other images of your mouth, she’ll determine exactly where to place the implants and give careful consideration to exactly how many implants you need. This is vital because the goal is to give your new teeth a strong base of support while making sure the surgery is as minimally invasive as possible.

Preparing for the implant placement may also require that you undergo some preliminary dental work. For example, your dentist in Falls Church may strongly recommend:

  • Extractions of some of your remaining natural teeth
  • A bone graft to make sure your jaw is strong enough to support your implants
  • Periodontal therapy to treat gum disease and minimize the chances that an infection will compromise your implants’ ability to bond with your body.

The Placement Surgery

oral surgery

When you come into our dental office for your placement surgery, we’ll do our best to make you comfortable. Anesthetic and sedation will ensure that you won’t feel anything as Dr. Berrada inserts the implants.

Here is a brief look at the steps she’ll perform during the surgery:

  • She exposes the jawbone by making a small incision in the gum.
  • Using special tools, she creates a hole in the jaw and then inserts the implant. During this phase, she is extremely careful to avoid irritating the surrounding nerves.
  • She closes the gums with sutures.

Tips for Making Your Placement Surgery as Easy as Possible

happy dental patient

There is no reason to be afraid of your surgery. Many patients have even remarked that the entire implant process was easier than they expected. Dr. Berrada is a true expert in her field, and she works hard to make sure every one of her patients is happy with the service she provides. However, some responsibility for making your implants successful also falls on you. Here are some tips to help you through the process:

  • If you smoke or use other tobacco products, try to quit for at least a week prior to your placement procedure. Tobacco can compromise your body’s ability to heal after surgery, and in some cases, it can lead to implant failure.
  • While you’re preparing for your surgery, be forthright with your dentist about any medical conditions you have. Diabetes and other illnesses that affect the immune system may have a bearing on your recovery period after surgery.
  • Be diligent about following Dr. Berrada’s instructions after your surgery. You may have to avoid certain foods for a while or take medications to manage your pain and decrease the risk of infection.

If you would like to learn more about the implant placement process, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can answer all your questions and get you on the road to a restored smile.

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