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Dental Insurance – Falls Church, VA

Cutting the Cost of Dental Care

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Here at Tysons Dental Esthetics, we’re big advocates of dental insurance. Your coverage, whether you purchase it yourself or receive it through your employer, can go a long way toward helping you afford the high-quality dental care you deserve. Its focus on preventive care can stop dental problems before they start, and it’s there as a safety net when you need some restorative work.

If you ever have questions about how your coverage works, the team in our dental office will be happy to help! Grace, our front desk manager, knows the ins and outs of how insurance operates. She’s the first friendly face you see when you walk into our dental office, and she’s always ready to answer questions and help make your experience at your Delta Dental dentist near Falls Church and McLean, VA a positive one.

How Dental Insurance Works

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In general, most dental insurance plans cover treatment at the following rates:

  • Preventive care — 100% covered
  • Minor restorative care — 70%-80% covered
  • Major restorative care — around 50% covered
  • Cosmetic services — typically not covered
  • Orthodontics — varies by plan

Some plans may also come with a small deductible (the amount you must pay before your insurance kicks in) as well as an annual maximum (the highest amount that the insurance company is willing to pay out in a year).

Dental and Medical Insurance — What’s the Difference?

Dental insurance has a strong focus on prevention. It’s there to help you get the regular cleanings and checkups that will keep your teeth healthy through years. It also kicks in to mitigate the cost of procedures like fillings, crowns, and prosthetics.

Medical insurance, on the other hand, may only apply when your oral health crisis begins to put your overall wellbeing at risk. For example, it may pay for treatment for a dental abscess or a traumatic mouth injury. In many cases, it can also cover a portion of the cost of dental implants.

In-Network vs. Out of Network

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Whether our dental office is in-network or out of network with your insurance company, Grace and the rest of our team will be glad to help you get the most out of your policy.


If we are in-network with your insurance policy, that means we have pre-negotiated the rates for certain services with your coverage provider. This arrangement helps the insurance company save money, and it helps you as well. Typically, dental plans cover a greater percentage of the cost of care rendered at in-network dental offices. For example, if you have an Aetna dental plan and visit an “Aetna dentist near me,” your plan may cover 100% of the cost of your checkup. At an out-of-network dentist, the appointment might be covered at a mere 80%.

We’re proud to serve as your Cigna dentist near Falls Church. Here is a full list of all the plans we are in-network with:

Out of Network

With a PPO or indemnity dental plan, you’re free to visit any dentist you choose — even if they are out of network. Your coverage will still cut down your out of pocket costs, and you can receive attention from a dentist you truly trust. If we are not in your policy’s network, we welcome you! We’ll still file claims for you and help you get the most out of your dental benefits.

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