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Your Gum Disease in Falls Church Could Lead to Serious Health Issues

January 18, 2019

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Woman showing red gums

Are your gums red, puffy, or tender? This may seem like a small problem, but if it’s been going on for a while, you may have gum disease. If caught early on, this disease can be reversed by a good oral healthcare routine and regular visits to your dentist. However, if you don’t seek treatment for gum disease, you’re not only putting your gums and teeth at risk, but you’re increasing your chances of other more serious overall health issues. Keep reading to learn why you should never put off getting treatment for your gum disease in Falls Church.

How Gum Disease Can Affect Your Body

Gum disease is an inflammation or infection of your gums caused by plaque and bacteria. Plaque attacks your gums and connective tissue that supports your teeth, which is why untreated gum disease can result in tooth loss. Additionally, this infection can break down the barrier between your mouth and the rest of your body, allowing the oral bacteria to affect your overall health through your bloodstream.

Just as plaque develops on your teeth and gums, it can also block and restrict your arteries, causing an increased risk of heart attack. Plaque can also create blockages of blood flow to the brain, which can increase your risk of having a stroke as well.

An Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Current research suggests that gum disease creates an increased risk of heart disease because of the levels of inflammation that it causes. Researchers have discovered a correlation, but they have not yet established a direct relationship. It should also be noted that gum disease can exacerbate existing heart issues, which is another vital reason to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Falls Church.

Gum Disease and Diabetics

Because those with diabetes have a decreased ability to fight infection, they may have more severe or accelerated symptoms of gum disease. Diabetics are typically at a higher risk of tooth loss and supportive tissue damage because they cannot effectively fight off the infection in their gums. 

Higher Risk of Cancer

Your risk of getting certain types of cancer may also increase if you have gum disease. Men are 49% more likely to develop kidney cancer as well as 54% more likely to get pancreatic cancer if they have gum disease. For these statistics alone, a trip to your dentist could save you from gum disease and serious health issues in Falls Church.

With research piling up that links gum disease to more severe issues, if you’ve noticed any problems with your gums, visit your dentist for treatment. That way, you can have a healthy smile while protecting the rest of your body from serious problems.

About the Practice

Dr. Sanae Berrada and Dr. Shri Chopra are an experienced team of dentists who take pride in providing quality care. They have seen how many people are affected by gum disease, which is why they offer expert periodontal therapy. They currently practice at Tysons Dental Esthetics, and they can be contacted through their website or by phone at (703) 821-8111 for any questions.

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