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What You Need to Know About Locator® Implant Overdentures

September 16, 2017

Model of a locator implant denture attachmentIn the Victorian era, wealthy couples often received a set of dentures as a wedding gift. If they were very lucky, they might receive two sets. These dentures were by no means customized, and in most cases, they were barely functional. Today, dentists repair smiles following advanced tooth loss a little differently. The technologies, materials, and placement methods continue to change each year, improving the results of denture restoration and recreating flawless smiles. Specifically, patients now have the option to anchor dentures to dental implants, creating significantly improved chewing function and a more natural appearance. However, not all patients have been able to receive implant supported dentures for a variety of reasons including gum tissue volume, jawbone density, and health concerns. That’s where the innovative Locator® implant overdenture can help.

What Makes the Locator® Implant Overdenture Unique?

Traditional implants rely fully on the patient’s existing gum tissue and jawbone for support. For many fully edentulous (without teeth) patients, dental implants are unable to fuse properly with the supportive structures. This is especially true for those patients who have already worn a full denture for years. Locator® implant overdentures use a freestanding Locator® attachment. This metal attachment piece connects each implant post. This attachment spreads the pressure of the denture out over the entire jaw rather than focusing in on the implant sites. Consider taking a step onto a frozen pond. If you’re wearing a pair of heels, the pressure from your body weight is concentrated in that one small heel, and you’re likely to break the ice. If you’re wearing a flat shoe, the body weight is spread over the entire length and width of the shoe. The unique Locator® attachment essentially turns the heel of an implant into a flat.

Who Should consider a Locator® Implant Overdenture?

The Locator® implant overdenture is recommended for patients who want to improve the stability of their current denture, especially if these patients were previously unable to receive dental implants due to a lack of jawbone density. Because the pressure is spread evenly across the jaw line through the Locator® attachment, these patients are much more likely to achieve adequate implant fusion to support the full denture. Additionally, these overdentures can be removed at night and for cleaning. They are great for patients who have arthritis or other dexterity concerns that make brushing a fixed denture difficult.

Meet the Tysons Dental Esthetics Team

Your Falls Church dentists and team at Tysons Dental Esthetics are proud providers of the innovative Locator® overdenture system. If you need to replace one or both rows of teeth, we would love to talk to you about all of your tooth replacement options. We offer custom traditional dentures, fully fixed dental implant supported prosthetics, and the removable implant overdentures. Whatever your dental care goals, we can help. If you want to learn more, contact our Falls Church dental team to schedule an appointment. You can also visit our blog regularly to learn more about the comprehensive dentistry services we provide.

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