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The Fascinating Story Behind Dental Implants

October 28, 2017

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illustration of dental implantsYou probably know about dental implants as a popular option in tooth replacement — and maybe you even have some yourself. They are by far the most successful way to replace one or more teeth, as they give you back the entire missing tooth structure. Pretty smart, right? Actually, it’s something humans have been doing for literally hundreds of years. Keep reading to learn more about the fascinating history behind dental implants — we know you’ll be glad you did!

600 AD: Dental Implants Are Born

Tooth loss has plagued humanity since the beginning of time, and the very first evidence of dental implants may be that found in Mayan skulls dating from 600 AD. In those days, having a missing tooth was seriously debilitating, as it could mean you weren’t able to eat the food you needed to survive. As a solution, the Mayan skulls demonstrate they used shells implanted in the missing tooth’s socket. It probably wasn’t the most effective method, but some of these “implants” actually did show successful growth into the jawbone. They were really onto something…

1950: An Accidental Discovery

Dental implants continued along with moderate successes and only minor advances over the next several centuries. With the birth of modern dentistry in the middle of the 1800s, more people started experimenting with the concept of a whole-tooth replacement. In the 1950s, Swedish physician Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark was researching bone growth in a bunch of rabbits when he observed that titanium actually promoted bone growth. That meant something made of the material — like an implant post — could actually fuse together with bone to become one with the body.

And, with that discovery, implant dentistry was never the same.  

2017: Multiple Options in Implant Dentistry

Today, dental implant procedures are over 98% successful and there are more options in implant dentistry than ever before. Dental implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth and support a single crown, a dental bridge, or a fixed or removable denture. Teeth-in-a-Day procedures allow a full fixed prosthetic to be placed in less than 24 hours. We’ve come a long way since the days of the Maya — and now, tooth loss doesn’t have to inhibit your healthy, productive life!

Are You a Candidate?

Many adult patients who are missing teeth are eligible candidates for dental implants. You should be in suitable physical health to recover following the procedure, and have plenty of healthy jawbone structure to support the dental implants. For people who lack sufficient bone in the jaw, a bone graft procedure can help create the proper environment for implants.

To discuss dental implants and your candidacy for the procedure, find a qualified implant dentist. Searching the web for “dental implants near me” can help — and you’ll always know you’re visiting an expert team when you come into Tysons Dental Esthetics!

About the Authors

Dr. Berrada and Dr. Glickman are general dentists offering comprehensive dental services to patients of Tysons Dental Esthetics. To learn more about their services or to discuss your eligibility for dental implants, you are invited to contact the office at 703-821-8111.

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