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How Dental Implants in Falls Church Can Improve Your Life

March 5, 2017

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Dental implants in Falls Church are the best tooth replacement option. Does periodontal disease (severe gum disease) run in your family? Have you spent years of smoking tobacco products and finally starting to see the consequences show through your loosening teeth? Too few dental cleanings leave your oral health in a detrimental place? You can stop worrying about losing your natural teeth. Yes, tooth loss is a bleak reality that many patients must deal with. Luckily, Tysons Dental Esthetics has a great tooth replacement option if tooth loss is an inevitable reality for you: dental implants in Falls Church. This revolutionary tooth replacement can change the way you feel about your appearance, re-motivate you in your daily life, and give you multiple health benefits.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a new way to replace unhealthy or missing teeth that offer unique benefits compared to traditional tooth replacement options. Common tooth replacements like crowns, bridges, and dentures replace the crown (visible portion), but they ignore the other vital component of your tooth – the root. Your tooth root stimulates your jawbone, keeping it full and healthy. Without one, patients experience bone deterioration over time, leading to an increased risk of additional tooth loss or a sunken facial appearance. Thankfully, dental implants replicate the entire structure of a tooth, encouraging the growth of new bone tissue. Dental implants can help to rejuvenate your entire smile.

Boost Your Confidence and Appearance

You will look better and feel better with new teeth. One of the first benefits that come to mind is the fact that your teeth will look like new—but not too new—and seamlessly blend within your natural teeth. Either Dr. Berrada or Dr. Glickman will do their best to match your tooth-colored dental prosthetics to your standing healthy teeth. Also, you can keep your youthful facial appearance. Missing teeth cause your jawbone to deteriorate because it’s not being stimulated daily. This can cause an aged, sunken facial appearance. But with dental implants, you don’t have to worry about premature aging!

Overall Health Benefits

With dental implants, smiling becomes more natural because your tooth function is finally restored. You can speak and eat comfortably again. The quality of your life dramatically increases. You can regain the ability to chew crunchy, healthy foods that are good for your jawbone and overall health like raw vegetables. You can speak better without worries of lisping in during sentences or slippage of traditional dental prosthetics. Not only that, but you can eliminate the messy, distasteful adhesives you may have had to use for traditional dentures. One of the best benefits is that you’ll never have to worry about cavities again in your implant placed teeth!

Get Started Today

Before you google search for a “dentist near me that pulls teeth” consider replacing them with dental implants! Extracting your teeth may seem like the only option when your oral health has continued to decline over the years, but Tysons Dental Esthetics is here to help any patient that wants to restore the function and appearance of their teeth and gums. Contact our office for an open-minded consultation with either of our dentists to start rebuilding your smile.

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