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Is Falls Church Dental Crown Placement Painful?

August 18, 2017

woman looking at her smile after dental crown placement At Tysons Dental Esthetics, we offer comfortable dental crown placement. Using the highest quality procedures and effective local anesthetics, we are able to repair dental damage and restore patients’ smiles to full, flawless function. The dental crown process is completed over the course of two to three appointments in our office. It all starts with a consultation with one of our skilled dentists. We’ll walk you through all of your dental restoration options and help you choose the right treatment. Our caring team will make you feel right at home in our office and work hard to ensure your complete comfort throughout your time with us. In some cases, we may be able to begin your preparation process on the same day as your consultation. If we don’t have time on the same day, we’ll schedule a follow-up to begin your treatment.

What to Expect During Placement

You’ll need to plan for two treatment appointments. During the initial visit, we prepare your teeth and design the restoration. This is the longer of the two appointments. To ensure you’re comfortable, we’ll numb the area around the tooth to be treated. Then, we carefully prepare the damaged tooth. We capture bite impressions and select the restoration colors that are used by our trusted lab to create your custom dental crown. Finally, we place a temporary crown to protect the tooth. The second appointment is much shorter. We simply remove your temporary dental crown. Then, the custom crafted restoration is cemented into position.

What to Expect Following Placement

After your first appointment, you may notice some mild discomfort, toothache, or dental sensitivity for the first two to three days after your appointment. This should be completely relieved by mild over the counter pain relievers. After the second, shorter visit, patients typically don’t have any discomfort. If your damaged tooth is in the back part of the mouth, you may experience some jaw stiffness or facial pain caused by the stretching of the mouth for an extended time during preparation. Like any tooth sensitivity, this should be relieved with over the counter medications within just a few days.

Call Us if You Need Us!

If you ever experience toothache pain or dental sensitivity that is not manageable with mild over the counter pain relievers, there may be a more serious issue underlying your discomfort. Call your Falls Church dentistry team at Tysons Dental Esthetics. In most cases, we’ll be able to fit you in on the same day to offer urgent treatment to relieve toothache pain.

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